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Anna and Soda3

2018 was my fourth time running the New York Marathon and my first one with Adventure Time Travel. It was by far my best experience I have running New York. The attention to detail from Anna and the team at ATT was unsurpassed. I am so excited to be the ambassador for ATT and now get to host the ATT team in New York every year.

Get On Board – You Will Love It!

Kane Cornes 
Former Professional Footballer
Media Personality 

Kane Cornes

The United Airlines NYC Half was my first ever race at this distance. I couldn't have loved it more. The whole journey with Adventure Time Travel was seamlessly organised, from our accommodation, tours, shopping trips and race day. ATT supports everyone to achieve their goals. I will definitely be back!   

Nick Jones, 50, South Australian Tourism Commission, Director of Destination Development

Nick Jones and Family2

I can’t recommend our experience with Anna and Adventure Time Travel more highly. The trip from accommodation, to group activities and free time was seamless. Anna’s knowledge of New York City is exceptional, and her relationships built locally meant we had unparalleled access to experiences and opportunities. We also formed wonderful friendships within the group which made this trip even more priceless!

Lucy Cornes - She Shopped 

Lucy Cornes and Anna Liptak United Airlines Half Marathon

I can’t recommend our experience with Anna and Adventure Time Travel more highly. The trip from accommodation, to group activities and free time was seamless. Anna’s knowledge of New York City is exceptional, and her relationships built locally meant we had unparalleled access to experiences and opportunities. We also formed wonderful friendships within the group which made this trip even more priceless!

Heather Bedson 

Heather Bedson

I had the amazing opportunity to run the New York Marathon in 2018 as part of a group organised by Anna Liptak  and her business Adventure Time Travel. What an unforgettable experience! The crowds are unbelievable- singing, dancing and yelling encouragement the entire race. But none of this would have been possible without Anna and ATT behind the scenes organising entry into the race, arranging fantastic accommodation, group meals, tours and travel. Anna provides a wonderful personal service and she  happily shares her passion and knowledge of running with you. Thank you Anna for your unconditional support and encouragement and for giving me the opportunity to have this incredible experience

Barry Wakelin - Kimba, Former Liberal MP 

Barry Wakelin

NY remains the special experience – Anna, Margaret, James and many others including the New Yorkers as we became ‘Rockstars’ for the day – all 55000 of us. Whenever I need to pull myself up I reach for the impossible marathon we achieved.

Tina Wakelin  

Barry and Tina Wakelin

As a supporter of two participants, I was grateful to feel part of the group in Adventure Time Travel, engaged in all activities, apart from the actual marathon. Barry and I were made to feel welcome and accepted. Thanks to everyone for their inclusiveness.

Lisa Watt 


"What an experience!!!"

You have provided the opportunity for myself and all of us on this 2019 trip to live a dream, to run the NY Marathon!  The whole process has been smooth sailing and ensured we each could have a positive experience.  The add-ons to the guaranteed entry have been fabulous.

From the welcoming night dinner, opening ceremony, the track bus tour with exceptional knowledgeable hosts, pep talks from Anna and other inspirational guests and optional activities we could join in on throughout our stay – nothing was less than excellent!

A gold factor is the pre-run breakfast indoors, out of the weather which made the pre-race preparations the best it could be!

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna at the Gold Coast Marathon Expo and instantly felt going with Adventure Time Travel was the best option. This was reinforced with the time in New York. Anna is genuine, full of experience and knowledge, fun and professional at all times.

Memories to last a lifetime. May our paths cross again. Enjoy every day!

Darren Hayward 


WOW what a week Anna and Adventure Time Travel put on.

It was amazing and next level.  It was army precision.  It was so well organised, nothing was too hard.  They just got it done.  All the pressure was taken off the running team, which enabled us to concentrate on what we needed to get the job done before the race.  They should be so proud of what they have created.

I will never forget this experience, it was all I imagined and so much more.  I will be telling everyone about adventure time travel and how good they are.  In my eyes no ITO will give you a better experience.

As far as the New York marathon goes, I couldn’t’ve wished for a better marathon to do for my first.  I was blown away by the people and the atmosphere they created.  It was simply breathtaking and I will remember this for the rest of my life.  They just pick you up when you are flat, and at times you feel like you are floating on air.

Big massive thank you to Anna and Nick for putting on an outstanding travel marathon event.  They are both amazing people and my wife and I are proud to call them our friends now, not just a team we went away with. Thanks again!  Cheers.

Craig Wood 


We have just returned from the TCS New York City Marathon and have just had one of the best experiences of a lifetime!  We would like to sincerely thank Anna and highly recommend Adventure Time Travel for the experience.  I chose to do the NYC Marathon for my 50th Birthday having always wanted to do a marathon and turning 50 was my incentive.  We reviewed and spoke to several ITO’s before choosing Anna and Adventure Time Travel and we are so glad we did.  The hotel was great, in a great location, near Central Park for our morning runs and only a few blocks from the finish line after the race which was very handy!  Adventure Time Travel’s package was totally organised in every respect.  On race day we had breakfast in a Hotel on Staten Island hotel with proper toilets, warm room prior to the race and then a chartered bus to the start line, with minimal fuss or waiting time.  Anna personally ensured everything was organised and the package included lots of add-ons which made it so memorable.  The package was inclusive of family members not running who enjoyed the experience as much as I did.  Just some of the great highlights included the bus tour of the Marathon route which included lots of history of NYC (this was outstanding), the opening ceremony, the expo, and the post run celebration dinner etc etc.  The whole package was flexible which helped us tailor it to our family’s needs.  Well done Anna and Adventure Time Travel.  We can’t thank you enough. Such a great experience.  

Craig, Rachel and Zahli!

James Brown


I have just returned from the New York Marathon with Adventure Time Travel. 

My experience was amazing and one that I want to do all over again!  The whole trip was well planned by Anna which made it stress free and very enjoyable.

From the early morning jogs around Central Park to the organised dinners and tours, everything was well planned and made for a great experience.  The morning of the marathon where Anna organised for us to have breakfast and prepare for therun at a hotel on Staten Island was brilliant.  These are just some of the reasons you should book your travel with Adventure Time Travel.

Thank you to Anna and Adventure Time Travel for such a memorable experience.

Karin Smith 


The best decision my hubby and I have made!

So organised, so thoughtful, so inclusive!  Every aspect of the trip was made easier because of the planning Anna and Nick did for us!

Cannot give a high enough recommendation to anyone wanting to tick this off their bucket list.

Karen Robertson 


Gosh what a rush!  

The marathon was amazing!  What made the trip so seamless and stress free was how well everything was organised.  I have written this recommendation about four times simply because I kept rambling on about how good Anna was!!  In short, Anna was not only concerned about our race prep etc but she made sure our whole experience in New York was going to be one to be remembered.  And for the amount of people she was looking after, that was an amazing effort. Thank you Anna. I had the time of my life and I will never forget it. Would I travel with her again? Absolutely!  

Amanda Walsh

AmandaWalsh 2

I just completed my first NY Marathon with Adventure Time Travel and my experience was amazing! Anna made the whole trip from start to finish so seamless and stress-free, leaving us to concentrate on the reason we made the long trek to NYC – the Marathon!

I loved meeting lots of wonderful, like-minded people throughout some of the group dinners and optional activities.

The morning of the marathon was particularly well organised, where we spent the early morning hours before the race inside a warm function room at the Hilton on Staten Island enjoying whatever pre-race breakfast we desired, instead of waiting for hours in the cold outside.  There’s your reason to book with Adventure Time Travel right there!  Can’t recommend Anna & Adventure Time Travel highly enough!

Tania Rover  


Let me tell you a story …. I ran the New York Marathon aged 57; going from ‘I’m not a runner”, to finisher in a year

My story starts with me adding ‘New York Marathon’ to a bucket list I made during a time of great upheaval and turmoil in my life in 2011. Fast forward to late October 2018 when I was flat out on the lounge in terrible pain, unable to move because of a back problem and with time to think about things, wondering why I still had not kicked the NY Marathon off my bucket list. 

So I had to dig deep to identify the fears that were stopping me; first up, the big one…..I am not a runner, I don’t know how to go about training for a marathon, I might injure myself by over/under training, I don’t know how/what to eat properly before and during the marathon, I don’t know where I should stay in New York, how to get to the race start, back from the race finish, flights to NY,  and the other big one…what if I broke down during the marathon, I would be all alone, who would care, no one to look out for me?

Then in one of those ‘aha’ moments, onto the radio came host Mark Soderstrom of radio station 102.3 to talk about his up-coming trip to New York to run the marathon. Mark’s story was the moment when my New York Marathon story really began. Simply, Mark talked about how he was travelling to NY with the Adventure Time Travel team and how the team had organised his travel, accommodation, supported himself and others with a training plan and advice on nutrition and injury prevention AND the wonderful comradery of the group of runners that were travelling to NY with him.

Well…..tick, tick, tick! All the things I was worried about was covered! And way much more, I later found out, when, with no more excuses to stop me I immediately contacted the Adventure Time Travel team to put me down for New York Marathon 2019!

The rest is history! Do yourself a favour, if you want to run the New York Marathon, or any of the great marathons or a half marathon, the only way to do it is with the Adventure Time Travel team.

Joyce & Howard Oxley  

 Joyce Oxley

Love from the Oxleys

ATT had set the field

For all those well trained Runners

To take the track and crack its back

As Aussies Proud ‘Top Gunners’

They couldn’t keep the pace of Vlad

But that just didn’t matter

The only aim was Central Park

And post-race smiling chatter

So Yay! T’was a great time

for families and for all

The fun and happy times we shared

We admit we had a Ball

So thanks to Anna, Taco Mark and Roger

of the court, for making us feel clever

To achieve our goals and wear the medal

It’s Strawberry Fields forever!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, get-togethers, choice of hotel, use of the Hilton, coach trips and so much more!

Vlad Shatrov 


Vlad Shatrov - Mullet Lovers

New York – New York!  Let the Magic Happen!

This was a B Race in my overall plan, and I had to keep that in mind constantly in the lead-up.  Whilst 2:26 is good time, as I always say, time alone is often not a true indication of the result. This was true in this case for me at this year’s NYC Marathon.  How did I train for this and how did it fit in? Read on for a summary of my approach.

This was my 5th World Major Marathon.  I’ve got Boston to go, ideally in 2021.  My focus the past few years has definitely been on longer road and trail running events.  It’s my strength and what I love working and training for.  Every week I’m challenging myself and honing the skills that allow me to compete with the best in the World.  It was early this year I first considered Ultra Trail Cape town.  Post a DNF at UTA and due to sponsor commitments, this ended up being locked in, mid-year.  New York was already planned, and I was going with many of my Runlab clients on an organised trip with Adventure Time Travel (ATT).

Wanting to peak for UTCT but run well enough at NYC Marathon to get a specific speed adaption was what I was juggling.  Only having a structured plan would keep me on track.

A typical weeks training was:

  • Monday - 10km + 15km (both easy – 4:30-4:45 average) flat road
  • Tuesday - 12km easy + Intervals.  Intervals were efforts between 3-5 minutes @ my Threshold NOT V02 (this is the first major different to pure Marathon Training).  Whilst I was often too tired or heavy to hit a real V02 – I definitely still got an adaption without sacrificing the ability for me to focus on trails.
  • Wednesday - 21-25km on Road or 25-28km on Trial (alternating) and the Trail runs had over 1500m vertical gain + 5-10km PM and STRENGTH work
  • Thursday - Easy 7-10km am and easy 10-15km PM
  • Friday - TRAIL 20-40km
  • Saturday - 20-30km road with Fast 5km effort (Tempo Pace)
  • Sunday - Road or Trail 20-40km

A few points on the key sessions ...

I did a few sessions on the trail which were between 25-35km where I then finished off with a faster paced finish on the Road.  This wasn’t for the Marathon – but to better adapt to my trail running strengths of leg speed.  Race visualisation was practiced, putting myself into race day and the 70km mark, feeling sore and tired with 30km to go – how would I be able to run? Wanting to run well at this point in that pretend race, I was out there practicing it as best I could recreate it.

There are very few people that are great at all aspects of train running.  Essentially there are three components – Technical – Hills – Open running.  I’m ok at Technical but am naturally gifted and have developed my open running skills.  I want the leg speed to run in the good open running sections.  I’m also good on the Hills, but I’ve worked many years on developing this, and this is now too part of my trail running success.  I actually love being on a hill that’s steep, working hard, but in control and climbing step after step!  There is so much more I could talk to you about my training generally but I’m going to round it out by saying that, I also raced on average every second week with minimal to no tapers.  This replaces a gaping hole of no Tempo sessions in my Weekly training – it was hopefully perfect for my trail running but meant whilst I was strong, I wasn’t at peak speed!

To run a better Marathon, I would not be able to focus on my trail running.

My biggest volume weeks were built into steadily and over a 6 week period September-October I averaged 190km a week.  A had no injuries, but a lot of challenging days made easier by doing runs with my Champion running buddies.

Now back to that 2:26 and the fact that a time doesn’t tell the story. I didn’t chase an Elite start, B race and focus on the fact I was doing this with Runlab – and these guys are my friends too. I didn’t want to be off doing my own thing race morning, I wanted to do it with the crew. But hey – I mistakenly thought we would be lined up behind the Elites anyway and that would have been totally fine.  I could live without the Elite Tent and easier race morning. Luckily unlike almost everyone else, ATT organised us to be bussed over to Staten Island early, but then taken to the Hilton Hotel.  Here we could relax and have breakfast in comfort. We then got transported to the race precinct arriving about 75 minutes before our scheduled start. Everyone else (apart from the Elites) had been there for about 3 hours.  This made the experience so much better, thanks ATT! It was still a 3:30am wake up though.

Majors are crazy!  When over 50,000 people are just doing the Marathon distance it’s pretty full on.  Once dropped toilet stops, bags drops and walking to the Coral meant we had 15 minutes only until we were led onto the bridge.  Now with the A runners I was locked into race mode.  No warmup possible as we were crammed in a small area, but I did get about 5 minutes of circle jogging in.  I was still protected with old clothes and tights and a Poncho given with the race kit, specifically for this.  Temp 5 degrees with a headwind, mmmmmmm. We were shuffled onto the bridge and ended up behind many rows of other runners.  At the time those that were with me and myself thought that these people were just there for the pre-race entertainment and ceremonies.  The Elites where in front of this group!  Bang (cannon) and off.  A crazy fight to try and even run, must have taken at least 2 minutes to be able to run freely as we worked through this group, many of them just jogging (I think they were event legends, runners having completed this race many times prior) either way it wasn’t ideal for them or those of us in the A group actually trying to run quickly.

Breaking free finally I could see the Elite pack about 500m ahead on top of the bridge, so I lost time here, but it didn’t affect me.  I quickly realised that there were a few others about 40m in front also from my A group and a little pack formed, I think my second km split was a 3:05 or something as I surged into this little group.  Pretty soon though there was no such pack, there were about 4-5 of us way out in front of our group and way behind the Elites. That’s pretty much how it stayed!

Gel at 15km and 30km with all up 2 mouthfuls of water was my nutrition, although unfortunately I had the worst stomach upset and was forced at 32km to stop and go to the toilet, lost another minute, but again I didn’t let it affect me.

The crowd and course were simply amazing.  I cannot tell you in words what I feel, even now as I write about it, it’s just an emotion that comes over me of another life changing experience.  I tell you, get out there and do something like this, you grow from it.

With the lost time, on a challenging course and with long sections of headwind - the actual running effort was about 2:22, it was exactly what I planned and hoped to run. The actual time whilst disappointing, is accepted totally by me considering all of this. I had run and got a benefit. When running and hitting my splits below 3:20 per km, by myself, I felt good.  Over the course of the afternoon as our runners all finished and we all connected, the collective euphoria was special.

As soon as I got my bag and was walking back to the hotel, I was tracking all the runners with understandably focus on Cheryl (my wife).  At that time, she was on 3:44 Pace, she was about 30km in, I was starting to feel relief.  Her own year and lead-up had been dramatic, you will see her own story somewhere.  In August she was in ICU – the thought of even going to New York was not looking viable for about 2 weeks, and then still would she even recover and sort of be able to train?  Well she pretty much held that pace, finishing smiling and totally absorbing the moment and event, a few days post she admitted she could have run faster, but it wasn’t about that this time!

The acknowledgment of pretty much any New Yorker of your effort was genuine, for me topped off by being “Fastest runner in the Hotel” and being gifted a bottle of Champagne, chocolates and a Watch!  There were over 400 runners in the Hotel.

Everyone in our group has walked away from this for the better, it was more than a run!

Vlad Shatrov - Beacon Hotel Gift

Vlad Shatrov - Team Reward

BATESY (Chris Bates) 

Chris Bate

I have just completed the New York Marathon with Anna Liptak of Adventure Time. The organisation of the trip was exceptional, accommodation outstanding but the stand out was having Anna as our host. In the months leading up to the marathon Anna created a feeling of inclusiveness where all of the participants got to know each other through a Facebook page where we posted videos about the challenges and highs we faced in our New York Marathon training. Then whilst in New York she organised several opportunities to meet with other runners such as a Meet and Greet night, a night on Broadway, Central Park tour, opening ceremony , pre marathon pasta dinner and celebration dinner post marathon.
In addition Anna’s marathon running knowledge is so helpful. She has run over 20 marathons so was able to provide us with guidance for our training and last minute tips right up to race day. It was great to attend the VIP breakfast on race day which kept us out of the cold!!
Adventure Time travel truly provides a personalised professional experience. Anna genuinely cares about every single person and provides an experience of a lifetime.

N’Tonya Surynt 

NTonya Surynt


Well we did it. The New York Marathon done and dusted. What an amazing experience, The encouragement of the crowds was phenomenal. We had our names called out every few meters and it did not let up till we crossed the finish line. The first few kms had smiles plastered on our faces, it felt surreal. Yes it was hard and hilly but the crowds sweep you through. A big thank you to Anna Liptak and her Adventure time travel, her professionalism, enthusiasm and people skills are superb and if anyone wants to tackle a half or full marathon anna and her team are the one to guide you through . To the rest of the group, what a beautiful, supportive bunch of people, we feel honored to have got to know so many amazing people and look forward to catching up again when we get home.

Michelle Pudney

 Michelle Pudney

Crossing that finishing line today is something I will never forget. A physically and mentally tough day - so proud we all made it! Very grateful for all of the amazing volunteers and people of #newyork who certainly know how to cheer you on and of course Anna Liptak and Adventure Time Travel for making it all happen. #tcsnewyorkcitymarathon2018 #finisher #onceinalifetime#imnotarunner #iseeyougirl #yougotthis

Alana Walker 

Alana Walker

Yesterday I ran my first ever marathon and in one of the most incredible cities in the world, New York!

The last 10 months I’ve been training my mind to run this marathon. My mind? Yes, my mind. I honestly believe that anyone can physically run a marathon but you need to have the mental strength to get to the end! I knew I could do the distance, even if I walked it. I just had to train my mind a little harder so that my mental strength and physical strength were equal!

This is my take on my run yesterday:

I started off strong. Running over the starting line over Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge which had spectacular views of the New York City skyline. The incline on the bridge was the toughest on the course but I doubt anyone felt it as we were all running on adrenaline. The first 10km felt incredibly easy. I was actually completely surprised when I saw that 10km mark. In my mind I thought if the first 10km felt like this, then I’ll be fine.. 15km came around then 20km. I was definitely feeling tired but I still feeling strong. I hit the half way mark at 2:06:40. It was around this point that my knee started playing up. The inside of my left knee started hurting quite a bit, but I kept going. In my training I had only ever done a half marathon so I was in completely new territory. I had thought that the first half would be easier than the second and my god, how true that was!

I got to the 25km mark which is where I started to walk a little. My knee was giving me too much grief and if I wanted to survive the next 17km, I had to take it easy for a bit!

Now there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned yet about this marathon that I’ll never be able to describe and do it justice. You really have to live it yourself and see. And I’m talking about the crowd. They were unbelievable!! Over a million people line the streets every year supporting people they’ve never met and give them encouragement. In some areas the crowd on the sidelines were 6 and 7 people deep!! They make signs, sing, dance, play instruments, hand out food. Even some of the police men and women of the NYPD were dancing and encouraging us! The volunteers at the drink stations were lifesavers. Every time I saw a drink station after the half way mark, I could have cried. They made me so happy!

I’ve never seen anything like the support that the people of New York has shown and I don’t think any other marathon in the world can replicate the New York marathons atmosphere.
I had my name on the front of my singlet and all I could hear as I ran through the 5 boroughs of Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island was "cmon Jimmy, you’ve got this" "Go Jimmy, you’re looking good" "keep going Jimmy". These are people that I had never met, they have never heard of me before. But they were pushing me along this 42km track. The whole way was like this. At the beginning it was so cool. But I really started to notice and appreciate it when I was struggling around the 30km mark. My knee was being an absolute douchebag and I was hobbling off to the side and I kept hearing "You’ve got this Jimmy, keep going". And every time I heard them screaming out to me, I started a light jog and it gave me the motivation I needed to keep going. They helped me get to the very end.
My final time was 4 hours and 52 minutes.

People say that crossing the finish line is the most incredible feeling. And it was. But I found the crowd, their support and the way they helped me get to the finish line was the most incredible part. I could not have done it without those people!

If it wasn’t for them, I definitely would not have made it under 5 hours!

I was asked yesterday "would I ever do a marathon again?". My answer yesterday after the marathon was "F*%K NO". But you know what, after having slept and properly thought about the whole race - I would like to change my answer. Yes. I would run one again. But let me have a little break first..

A few thank yous are in order. I am very thankful to Anna Liptak and her team from Adventure Time Travel for organising Aussies to get together and run the marathon. The New York marathon isn’t easy to get into. There was about 80 Australians in our group running the marathon. People from the ages of 16 up to 80. I’ve met some incredible people on this journey and made life long friends. Hearing their stories has inspired me and I’m so thankful and honoured to have run this marathon with these incredible people. Thank you to each and everyone of you! We all had the same goal and we all achieved that together!

I was also running this marathon to raise money for the Flinders Foundation and thanks to your support we were able to raise over $18,000!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated!! Big thank you to my parents who were a massive help with fundraising! And thank you to David Briggs for encouraging me to get involved with this journey/fundraiser!
And lastly, thank you to everyone who has given me words of encouragement and support along this journey. It has definitely helped! Thank you!!

Keep an eye out on social media/Channel 9 in the near future for a documentary called ‘I’m Not A Runner’. James Wakelin and his hard working team have been filming the runners along their journeys and will compile them all together soon to make a documentary about the whole journey.

I’m extremely sore today but so happy and honoured to have been one of over 52,000 people that completed the New York City marathon - here’s to the next one.. and there will be a next one.

Jimmy Harrington 

Jimmy Harrington

Thank you Anna, It was indeed a memorable experience and will not be forgotten. As discussed in New York you should be proud of this major achievement, to coordinate the whole event and manage the number of people who came in such a professional
manner is a credit to your planning and dedication to your job.





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