New York Marathon 2013

Adventure Time Travel on this occasion was approached by the Jodi Lee Foundation, a charitable organisation, with the suggestion that the opportunity presented by the New York Marathon, 2013 be employed for fund raising purposes.

Over a twelve-month period, the Adventure Time Travel team managed over 15 fund raising events, collecting a
total of $150,000 for the Foundation. Adventure Time Travel  planned and conducted the training programs for all registered participants, many of whom had not run a marathon before (one had just undergone treatment
for Stage 4 Cancer). Monthly meetings; uniforms; travel logistics; dinners; tours were all organised by Adventure Time as well as accommodation liaison in New York.

I enjoyed travelling with the group to New York in 2013 to compete in the New Yorkmarathon. Completing the New York Marathon was an enormous personal goal of mine. Before committing to Adventure Time Travel I had never considered participating in a marathon so the inspiration of the His and Her Time group has been extremely powerful in my personal life.

Leanne Rouvray (45)


Reflection on New York Marathon

By Anna Liptak:

“I have now completed eight marathons. The New York Marathon is the one to consider if one intends to
run ONE marathon in one’s life!

Running a marathon certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. However, if running a marathon is on your “bucket list” then you should seriously consider doing the New York Marathon. Prior to running The New York Marathon I was frequently advised that IT is unlike any other. I gathered at the time that these were just idle comments. However, having now completed the 42-kilometre journey through the five boroughs of this amazing city, I can attest that this Marathon will certainly satisfy any, and all “bucket lists”! From the moment one heads off the Verrazano Bridge and into Brooklyn one becomes aware that you are part of something special.

We were told to write our names across our running shirts as the crowds would call and support us. I wrote: Anna, Australia on mine. Throughout the event I heard: “GO ANNA! Go!”. The cheering crowd made me feel special! I am forever grateful for their support. It was estimated that three million spectators lined the course to cheer, with obvious pride in their city and determined not to let the aftermath of the Boston bombings keep them away.

It seemed as if every musician in the greater New York area chose a spot to play, or sing. There were over 130 bands officially registered, but there were also plenty who just turned up to do their thing. Music ranged from reggae to punk, gospel to garage band. The music urged me to keep on going and so I did. The signs and banners along the way were also a fantastic source of entertainment:
“You run better than Congress”; “If you loved me, you’d run faster”; “Touch me for Power”, which of course I did a couple of times, just to make sure I got it!

I was running with 25 other athletes from Adventure Time Travel, all running for the Jodi Lee Foundation. I can say, without a doubt, that the most difficult thing about a marathon is: lining up at the start-line! Each of us did, along with our doubts and injuries. One of our amazing team members had recently recovered from Breast Cancer, and another had completely damaged her foot and was advised not to participate. Still, they ran. I was so proud of each one of them and so blessed to be a part of their journeys. All of us were delighted with our own individual efforts.
Running in the distinctive bright pink/ red shirts and “Jodi Lee tutus” we received even more cheers from the enthusiastic crowds, which spurred us on considerably. Occasionally, I held back tears as kids, adults, young and old, took time out from their daily routines to make us feel so special. I remember running through Brooklyn feeling quite emotional about the Jodi Lee story and how we, as a team, had raised close to $150,000 for Bowel Cancer. On being awarded a Finishers’ Medal, it occurred to me how special this award was, as it does not discriminate whether one finishes in two, or five hours; whether one is male, or female or, whether able-bodied, or not. A medal to truly value!

I was so pleased that fear did not get in my way following my recent experience at the fateful Boston Marathon. The security provided throughout the race was a real credit to the organisers. I did not feel threatened at any stage throughout the event.

Hats off to you New York for conducting an event, which will always be treasured and remembered so fondly by us all. One of the “GREAT” experiences of my life!
Thank you to all the Adventure Time Travel team group for sharing this special time and race with me. These memories will last a lifetime!”




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