Great Wall Marathon

Adventure Time Travel initiated and marketed The Great Wall Marathon in 2012.
Considered one of the world’s most challenging marathons. His and Her Time ATT;s sister company encouraged and trained these marathon novices for a period of eight months prior to departure, who, in turn, then achieved enormous satisfaction on successfully completing the event.

Despite being first time runners, His and Her Time’s participants achieved 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for Australia. The course was arduous. It included 5149 steps on the Great Wall itself. However, the team was rewarded by the breathtaking surroundings and views. The route of the marathon then wound its way through a picturesque valley and through many villages where onlookers cheered and encouraged the participants; altogether an unforgettable festive occasion!

Adventure Time Travel accompanied and managed the affairs of all the participants over the one week period of the event, which also included arranging side tours with local operators. Adventure Time Travel liaised directly with Chinese Authorities on behalf of all participants, securing Visas and Event Entries, as well as booking
accommodation, flights, tours, transfers, uniforms, dinners and other functions. The opportunity presented by this significant event allowed His and Her Time, Adventure Time to conduct a charity fundraising program for the Asthma Foundation of South Australia, raising a total sum of $30,000.



I have been involved in a number of Anna’s Adventure Time trips. One of the first adventures Anna undertook was to take a group of 10 of us in 2009 to run the Vanuatu Round Island Relay. This was an absolutely fantastic experience where Anna coached all of us over a couple of months to be able to run our distance (mine being 13 kms) and then she participated alongside us in the actual event. I then started to wonder whether at the age of 58 – if I could run a half-marathon. There was never any doubt in Anna’s mind that this would be achievable and with her encouragement and training I went with a His and Her Time team to run the Great Wall Half Marathon. One of the great things about Anna is her constant reminder and push for all of us to be setting goals. Of course, once you set a goal and then achieve it you then start thinking ‘What else am I capable of?’ I was then asked by Anna whether I would be interested in running a marathon! My immediate thought was ‘wow, how amazing would it be at the age of 60 – to run a marathon’.
Well, with a group of like-minded individuals from the His and Her Time group and with Anna’s training, encouragement and positivity a group of 16 of us went off in 2014 to attempt to run the Paris Marathon. We all did it. I still break into a big smile every time I think about that achievement. I recall my running over that finish line with tears running down my face, arms in the air, absolutely elated in having run a full marathon.




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