Testimonials 2018

I cannot thank you enough Anna for the most breathtakingly amazing experience I have had as a runner. I am so proud of what I have achieved but more importantly I am so proud to be able to say that Adventure Time Travel got me there to be part of the NYCM. Such a well oiled machine, and most professional.
Thanks again

BATESY (Chris Bates)

I have just completed the New York Marathon with Anna Liptak of Adventure Time. The organisation of the trip was exceptional, accommodation outstanding but the stand out was having Anna as our host. In the months leading up to the marathon Anna created a feeling of inclusiveness where all of the participants got to know each other through a Facebook page where we posted videos about the challenges and highs we faced in our New York Marathon training. Then whilst in New York she organised several opportunities to meet with other runners such as a Meet and Greet night, a night on Broadway, Central Park tour, opening ceremony , pre marathon pasta dinner and celebration dinner post marathon.
In addition Anna’s marathon running knowledge is so helpful. She has run over 20 marathons so was able to provide us with guidance for our training and last minute tips right up to race day. It was great to attend the VIP breakfast on race day which kept us out of the cold!!
Adventure Time travel truly provides a personalised professional experience. Anna genuinely cares about every single person and provides an experience of a lifetime.

N’Tonya Surynt (44)

Well we did it. The New York Marathon done and dusted. What an amazing experience, The encouragement of the crowds was phenomenal. We had our names called out every few meters and it did not let up till we crossed the finish line. The first few kms had smiles plastered on our faces, it felt surreal. Yes it was hard and hilly but the crowds sweep you through. A big thank you to Anna Liptak and her Adventure time travel, her professionalism, enthusiasm and people skills are superb and if anyone wants to tackle a half or full marathon anna and her team are the one to guide you through . To the rest of the group, what a beautiful, supportive bunch of people, we feel honored to have got to know so many amazing people and look forward to catching up again when we get home.

Michelle Pudney

Crossing that finishing line today is something I will never forget. A physically and mentally tough day - so proud we all made it! Very grateful for all of the amazing volunteers and people of #newyork who certainly know how to cheer you on and of course Anna Liptak and Adventure Time Travel for making it all happen. #tcsnewyorkcitymarathon2018 #finisher #onceinalifetime#imnotarunner #iseeyougirl #yougotthis

Alana Walker

Yesterday I ran my first ever marathon and in one of the most incredible cities in the world, New York!

The last 10 months I’ve been training my mind to run this marathon. My mind? Yes, my mind. I honestly believe that anyone can physically run a marathon but you need to have the mental strength to get to the end! I knew I could do the distance, even if I walked it. I just had to train my mind a little harder so that my mental strength and physical strength were equal!

This is my take on my run yesterday:

I started off strong. Running over the starting line over Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge which had spectacular views of the New York City skyline. The incline on the bridge was the toughest on the course but I doubt anyone felt it as we were all running on adrenaline. The first 10km felt incredibly easy. I was actually completely surprised when I saw that 10km mark. In my mind I thought if the first 10km felt like this, then I’ll be fine.. 15km came around then 20km. I was definitely feeling tired but I still feeling strong. I hit the half way mark at 2:06:40. It was around this point that my knee started playing up. The inside of my left knee started hurting quite a bit, but I kept going. In my training I had only ever done a half marathon so I was in completely new territory. I had thought that the first half would be easier than the second and my god, how true that was!

I got to the 25km mark which is where I started to walk a little. My knee was giving me too much grief and if I wanted to survive the next 17km, I had to take it easy for a bit!

Now there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned yet about this marathon that I’ll never be able to describe and do it justice. You really have to live it yourself and see. And I’m talking about the crowd. They were unbelievable!! Over a million people line the streets every year supporting people they’ve never met and give them encouragement. In some areas the crowd on the sidelines were 6 and 7 people deep!! They make signs, sing, dance, play instruments, hand out food. Even some of the police men and women of the NYPD were dancing and encouraging us! The volunteers at the drink stations were lifesavers. Every time I saw a drink station after the half way mark, I could have cried. They made me so happy!

I’ve never seen anything like the support that the people of New York has shown and I don’t think any other marathon in the world can replicate the New York marathons atmosphere.
I had my name on the front of my singlet and all I could hear as I ran through the 5 boroughs of Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island was "cmon Jimmy, you’ve got this" "Go Jimmy, you’re looking good" "keep going Jimmy". These are people that I had never met, they have never heard of me before. But they were pushing me along this 42km track. The whole way was like this. At the beginning it was so cool. But I really started to notice and appreciate it when I was struggling around the 30km mark. My knee was being an absolute douchebag and I was hobbling off to the side and I kept hearing "You’ve got this Jimmy, keep going". And every time I heard them screaming out to me, I started a light jog and it gave me the motivation I needed to keep going. They helped me get to the very end.
My final time was 4 hours and 52 minutes.

People say that crossing the finish line is the most incredible feeling. And it was. But I found the crowd, their support and the way they helped me get to the finish line was the most incredible part. I could not have done it without those people!

If it wasn’t for them, I definitely would not have made it under 5 hours!

I was asked yesterday "would I ever do a marathon again?". My answer yesterday after the marathon was "F*%K NO". But you know what, after having slept and properly thought about the whole race - I would like to change my answer. Yes. I would run one again. But let me have a little break first..

A few thank yous are in order. I am very thankful to Anna Liptak and her team from Adventure Time Travel for organising Aussies to get together and run the marathon. The New York marathon isn’t easy to get into. There was about 80 Australians in our group running the marathon. People from the ages of 16 up to 80. I’ve met some incredible people on this journey and made life long friends. Hearing their stories has inspired me and I’m so thankful and honoured to have run this marathon with these incredible people. Thank you to each and everyone of you! We all had the same goal and we all achieved that together!

I was also running this marathon to raise money for the Flinders Foundation and thanks to your support we were able to raise over $18,000!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated!! Big thank you to my parents who were a massive help with fundraising! And thank you to David Briggs for encouraging me to get involved with this journey/fundraiser!
And lastly, thank you to everyone who has given me words of encouragement and support along this journey. It has definitely helped! Thank you!!

Keep an eye out on social media/Channel 9 in the near future for a documentary called ‘I’m Not A Runner’. James Wakelin and his hard working team have been filming the runners along their journeys and will compile them all together soon to make a documentary about the whole journey.

I’m extremely sore today but so happy and honoured to have been one of over 52,000 people that completed the New York City marathon - here’s to the next one.. and there will be a next one.

Jimmy Harrington

Thank you Anna, It was indeed a memorable experience and will not be forgotten. As discussed in New York you should be proud of this major achievement, to coordinate the whole event and manage the number of people who came in such a professional
manner is a credit to your planning and dedication to your job.

David Bartell





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